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Web Designing and development in Urdu and Arabic is the constant need of industry today. In today's fast and cut throat competition among the institutions and originations, online availability of business information is the only chance of survival. To keep abreast with the needs of industry, AJ INFOTEK is working round the clock, to produce the best possible web sites available in Urdu and Arabic languages.

AJ INFOTEK is a fast growing IT solutions provider with considerable experience in urdu and Arabic web design, development of website, web accessibility and other web based services. AJ INFOTEK focuses on quality web based services aimed at fulfilling the needs of small to medium businesses all over the world. AJ INFOTEK strictly follows self made guidelines to ensure that project is delivered in time without compromising on quality.

A company can have many reasons to develop a website in URDU and ARABIC:

  1. Desire to get into new markets with the information about products in URDU or ARABIC
  2. Country like INDIA has more than one official language, therefore providing content and information in URDU language is a need.
  3. Besides that, we can cite governmental institutions, public services, NGOs, tourism related companies, language schools, and many other business activities that can take advantage of a URDU and ARABIC website.

The technical aspects of making URDU or ARABIC text appear on a site --- so often the focus of discussions about the multilingual Web --- are actually quite easy to master. The real challenges of launching and maintaining a multilingual Web presence relate to:

  1. understanding and effectively managing the translation and review process,
  2. knowing your target market and making content relevant to people in that market, and
  3. having the tools to automate the administration of a multilingual site.

AJ INFOTEK has experience with technology projects performed on-site in INDIA and the Middle East.

Our Services

The simple fact is that there is no substitute for the knowledge and experience gained by spending time "in the trenches" of multilingual projects. AJ INFOTEK has experience with working in several countries and experience working with local partners in many more. Moreover, we have knowledge of the potential issues pitfalls with cross-cultural communication. Specific services we offer include:

  • Multilingual Web development
  • Translation
  • Software globalization / localization
  • International e-commerce development

Aj Infotek strive to empower its customers through its solutions. Our objective is to utilize our expertise to deliver technology-driven business solutions that meet the strategic objectives of our valuable clients.