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Pay Per Click Optimization Services

Do you want pay per click services, We can manage any type of PPC accounts like Google Adwords, Yahoo! Search Marketing & Microsoft adCenter. If you have any questions, Click on the live chat link to talk to one of our representatives live or to leave them a message and they will respond to your questions or inquiries.


Pay-Per-Click search-engine is a unique listing system on search engines that allows online bussiness and service providers to bid for Adding site by using terms and keywords that are directly relevant to their products/services.

This on-going auction style platform dictates the listings in such a way that at the top of the results page are advertisers who are paying to be listed under the specific keyword(s)which you have searched for. The highest bidder appearing first, the second appearing second, and so on and so forth. You only pay for the Internet traffic that is delivered to your web site, which is easily compared to the sales you make.

Submitshop is a professional Pay Per Click Optimization, Management and Consulting company which provides maximum ROI by optimal placement and using proper keywords and narrowing gap between bids through its keyword management services, saving you time, money and as well as manage your Overture(TM), Google(TM), FindWhat(TM) and other PPC accounts. Our Pay per Click manangment services significantly improves your return-on-investment from Overture, Google and other PPC engines by reducing costs, increasing traffic, and saving your precious hours of management time.


Pay Per Click Optimization and Management involve a variety of tasks and we will be providing the following services:

Keyword Research:

Our Research Team will find proper keywords for your web site after making indepth analysis of your site so that you'll not miss out on those priceless "bargain" keywords.

Title and Description

We create and/or maintain your listing titles and descriptions as they help in attracting the customer to click on your url.

Keyword Management

Under keyword management we do the following needfull:

  • We monitor your keywords 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • We maintain specific positions for your keywords (top spot, top three, top ten.)
  • We help you expand your targeted keywords.

Bid Management

The services of bid management include the following services

  • Constant monitoring of your bids and eliminate bid gaps
  • Constant monitoring of your bids and eliminate new AutoBid gaps
  • Set maximum bid parameters to keep bids within your budget.

Account Establishment

We will quickly and efficiently establish an account for you as setting up an account is a notorious and painfull procedure. By having a professional firm handle this process, you'll get the keywords you want in a timely fashion and without any hassle like a magic.

Account Management

Once your account is created there is need of proper implementation of pay per click strategy in order to obtain and maintain proper positioning.This is where the whole process will be completed and the desired results can be obtained.

Once your account is created there is need of proper implementation of pay per click strategy in order to obtain and maintain proper positioning.This is where the whole process will be completed and the desired results can be obtained.

We provide services for Overture, Google Ads, Ah-ha, Brain Fox, EPilot, Espotting DE, Espotting Fr, Espotting IT, Espotting SP, Espotting UK, FindWhat, GoClick, Kanoodle, Overture DE, Overture FR, Overture UK, Overture US, Search123, SearchFeed, Sprinks, Turbo10, Xuppa, 7Search. However the most popular PPC search engines are Google Adwords, Yahoo! Search Marketing & Microsoft adCenter.

PPC Management Services

What is PPC?

Pay Per Click or PPC is a form of online marketing which ensures that your advertisement appears on search pages whenever someone searches for the keywords relevant to your business. However, you will only pay when a visitor actually clicks on your advertisement.

This is an effective and non-interruptive way of online advertising wherein you draw traffic to your website by engaging with the users who have already entered the buying cycle. Also known as paid search, the purpose of PPC is to maximize your returns on investment (ROI) by directing your potential customers to the webpage of your site where sales could be made. It enables advertisers to reach to large number of online users in a cost effective way.

Effective PPC Campaigns

You need to bid for your targeted set of keywords. Since you pay the website owner only when someone actually clicks on your ad, it makes sense to bid for several relevant keywords, as it will increase the visibility of your advert on the search engine result pages (SERPs). Your investment for PPC would be in terms of the cost you will have to bear to create banners and advertisements, and the part of revenue you will have to share with website owner to display your advertisements.

However, your adverts must be captivating. Small tweaks to your ad may make huge differences in how often it is clicked and gets converted into a sale. Therefore, it is a good idea to display multiple tweaked copies of your ad to get most positive response from the viewers.

Our PPC Strategy

We always keep improving our strategies by learning from our tactics and experience. We analyze most competitive and relevant set of keywords for your business that users frequently search for, and provide you bidding advice accordingly. We strategically position your advert on the internet to maximize your visibility to the online community.

Our PPC activities:

Search for most relevant keywords and text

  • Maximizing your returns on Ad Spend (ROAS)
  • Increasing your conversion ratio
  • Diverting quality traffic to your website
  • Editing advertisements to match with landing page URLs
  • Competition analysis
  • Increasing your website's visibility to a larger audience

AjInfotek team has an effective testing methodology in place wherein we carry out extensive testing of our PPC campaigns on a set of parameters. We carry out regular accounting of our PPC campaigns to check their effectiveness. We have a trusted tracking system in place that informs us about the low quality traffic which creates false expectations, and also unnecessary overloads your servers. We have tactics to make campaign negative keywords work to your advantage.

Trust the razor sharp reflexes of AjInfotek team to gain maximum benefits from your PPC campaigns.

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Trust the razor sharp reflexes of AjInfotek team to gain maximum benefits from your PPC campaigns.