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How to get Auth Code from Net4India

We tried to obtain the Authentication Code from the Net4India gateway, but the process was not working and we were not able to alter the domain name server (DNS). We did not receive an email response as well. To our revelation, Net4India was permanently closed. We also found that a lot of people were penetrating for a way to contact and was stressed to get the auth code from Net4India. We couldn't find a way to re-establish our domains in Net4India. Their contact number +91-11-45980000 had no comeback, similarly, their official emails & did not respond.

Solution We Found

When it is checked on client's domains, they equally were Indian domains. i.e. (.in and it has been reached out to the Indian .in domain registrar. An email was sent to Astonishingly it got an instant response. Meanwhile, it has learned from a post, posted on net4India gateway by a person who got his Auth code from Net4India, that he sent a mail to with CRN ID (username) and was successful. We followed the method and it worked. We received the mail and was able to log in to our client's domain control panel account. We were able to click get “Auth-Code”. This time we received an email with Auth Code from

We have fruitfully initiated the domain transfer and we will revise once the domain is changed with our domain board. Hope this will be helpful to the people who are stressed to transfer the domains from net4India.