AL QALAM PUBLICATIONS Pvt. Ltd. is a publishing house textbook, books on Islamic values in Urdu and Arabic. Textbooks for young Muslim generation. AL QALAM publishes the books on all subjects effective in transforming a pleasant school life, free from disgust and mental stress. AL QALAM is ambitious of providing interesting books in easy and standard language in order to develop intellect of the students considering their age, psychology, interest and learning level. We are dedicated to promote and facilitate Muslim students in such a way that they might be acquainted with common culture and social values of the country and develop their personality in the multi cultural society. In this age of science and technology we have a vision of maximum utilization of intellect in the guidance of Islamic teachings to set a standard in raising a God–conscious, knowledgeable, well balanced and responsible generation of life long learners possessing skills and attitudes necessary to play the leading role in transforming a civilized, prosperous and honest society.